Straight from the Lab

Problems Solved

Issues in the workplace can be addressed with specific skills and techniques through courses offered at iDea lab

Solving business problems can be the difference between setbacks and success. What happens if your team locks horns over an issue—and no one is willing to budge? How do you unleash creative solutions when traditional strategies don’t work? Who do you turn to when customer complaints or partner problems escalate?

When you’re the professional in charge, everyone—employees, executives, managers, peers, partners, and customers—looks to you for answers.

iDea lab has curated the right problem-solving courses to assist business professionals in honing their critical thinking and issue resolution skills. By upgrading their knowledge, expertise, and abilities, busy professionals can mitigate workplace issues when they arise today and secure a strong foundation for tomorrow.

Courses to Suit Your Skill Need and Schedule

The online and on-demand problem-solving courses offered at iDea lab address specific issues such as teamwork, communication, customer service, leadership, and growth. There are dozens of courses available, including the following:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving unveils how to design and assess alternative solutions to keep work flowing with co-workers, customers, partners, and vendors.
  • Customer Service Success showcases ways to improve customer service with internal or external clients. The course addresses strategies for identifying customer needs, going the extra mile, following up, and addressing complaints.
  • Emotional Intelligence addresses how professionals manage their behavior, navigate social situations, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. This course provides tools, techniques, and tips to help professionals become more emotionally intelligent.
  • Thriving Through Conflict provides a tried-and-true process professionals can follow to smooth out co-worker predicaments.
  • A Nurse’s Guide to Critical Thinking helps nurses learn logical thinking concepts as well as out-of-the-box approaches for times when traditional methods don’t work.

iDea Lab also offers leadership coaching via teleconference. These one-on-one sessions pair professionals with business and industry leaders to tackle topics including conflict management, women’s leadership, and self-leadership.

From Classroom to Boardroom

From retail to healthcare to the high-tech industry, problem-solving skills are critical to every role across business sectors. iDea lab’s courses provide a roadmap for moving past problems, empowering professionals to ramp up career performance, growth, and results.

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