Straight from the Lab

HR’s Secret Weapon

Learning and development opportunities help keep employees motivated to excel and remain with their current employer; it’s not just about salary.

In the workplace, the attrition rate is linked to salary and benefits, but motivating employees to give their best often comes down to how satisfied and fulfilled they are with their jobs. To drive retention, human resources (HR) professionals must be able to promote and reward growth, which is why implementing a training and development program is key to keeping employees happy.

Employee Engagement

Employees want to be challenged. They want growth opportunities and transformational learning. Research shows that 40 percent of professionals leave their jobs because they don’t feel like they are effectively trained.

To help combat the fatigue and dissatisfaction that fuels turnover, iDea lab has curated a long list of training and development classes that focus on the performance-driving skills that matter most in the workplace. Participants experience in-depth training on topics such as conflict management, interpersonal communication, teamwork, and the psychology of leadership.

In many cases, these classes are an HR department’s secret weapon.

Offering HR a Solution

iDea lab works with HR departments to offer employees access on-demand courses. With the ability to log in and watch as their schedules permit, employees can focus on their training and development at a time that’s best for them.

Some of iDea lab’s bundled courses include:

  • Leadership Kickstart, which focuses on conflict management for executives and all employee levels.
  • Soft Skills, which stresses interpersonal dynamics and relationship-building.
  • High-Performing Team, which gives participants the tools to embrace and foster relationships and diversity.
  • Diversity and Inclusion, which helps employees understand diversity and to learn to create a culture of inclusion and productivity.

iDea lab also works with HR departments to identify skill and mindset gaps, which then can be leveraged into a customized learning path to address the unique needs of each company.

The Benefits of Upskilling

Offering training and development to improve skills, or upskilling, helps employees feel valued and challenged. It also aids the company in employee retention by empowering HR to promote within the organization, which boosts overall morale.

In this Forbes article, Cameron Bishop writes, “Training can be a key differentiator between companies competing for talent. Employees want to work for organizations that provide personal and professional development, and they consider it a deciding factor when looking for new employment or determining if they should stay with their current employer.”

In other words, HR professionals will spend less time looking to fill positions if they help their current employees feel like their career paths are worthwhile.

A solid, comprehensive training and development program like the ones offered at iDea lab can be essential to ensuring the HR department has the right tools to motivate employees – and keep those retention figures high.

Learn more about iDea lab’s courses here.